What was that? You want to know why I like Hanson? And why I chose to devote a webpage and my life to them? Okay, I'll tell you.

Being a Hanson fan gives you friends for life. You can talk to people all around the world, all colors and races, young and old, if you're a Hanson fan. And you'll never run out of things to talk about-you've got Hanson. As for me, if you're a Hanson fan, you can be my friend. It's that simple. It's the common goal, the dream, that unites us. We're all striving for that one thing, that seemingly unreachable dream. To meet the three people that have made our lives so much better. And it's the music. You find yourself humming it unconsciously in class, only to have the teacher shush you because you're in the middle of a huge test. It's something we all love; something we can share.

It gives you a dream.You only want one thing: to meet them. To shake their hands, say hello, and say thank you. It's all you dream about. You pray, you wish, and you even write annoying fan fiction about what it would be like to be part of their lives. You'll wait your whole life just for that one second or minute, but it's enough. You try and try for the chance, only to watch it ripped away time after time after time. You want to cry it gets so hard. But you don't care. People tell you it's hopeless and stupid. You simply want it more. You want to tell them all they were wrong and that dreams do come true. And somewhere deep down you know your day will come. But it can't come fast enough.

It's the best times of your life. You laugh, you cry, you make a fool out of yourself enjoying their music. You tell the pizza delivery guy that you caught Isaac Hanson's towel and have him go "Who?" just for kicks. (Me and Emilee and Jill actually did that! It was so hilarious!) You write Hanson all over your face and arms at the concert, only to have it run in your eyes from the sweat. (It must have been 90 degrees at the Detroit concert! I was dying man! I didn't have anything to drink for the whole 4 hours!) You wear Hanson t-shirts every day of the week, and people stare. You don't care. You're oblivious to the real world. Cause yours is better.

You've got a secret. You've got the greatest thing in the world at your fingertips, and all those other people don't know. You laugh at them. You ignore when everyone asks why you like Hanson, because you know they don't really care. That's why you don't feel sorry for them that they can't share your secret. You once tried to tell people what it's like, but gave up. You can't change people no matter how hard you try.

You wanted to know, now you know. It's the greatest feeling, I wish I could share it with you if you're not a fan. If you aren't, I don't even know what you're doing on my webpage. If you are a fan, don't ever let the dream go. You just gotta have faith.

-Holly(aka Kresia)